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WHAT Are termites?

Termites are wood destroying insects that can cause significant and serious structural damage to your home. Termites are living creatures that can appear at any time however they are more responsive to warmer weather and rainfall making them more evident during the spring season. Live termites are not always visible but their presence can be determined by damage wood. Termite problems can also be indicated by shelter tubes (a pencil-wide mud tube) extending over foundation walls, sill plates, floor joists, and other exposed wood members.

An infestation and damage can go undetected behind concealed areas for a long period of time. An inspection for infestation cannot be conducted in areas concealed by dirt fill, siding, rugs, insulation, etc. or that requires the removal thereof. Because of the characteristics and behavior of various termites, it is not always possible to determine the presence of infestation without extensive probing, and in some cases the actual dismantling of parts of the structure being inspected.


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